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The situation with frozen assets and what investors can do. Evgeny Letunovsky’s comments to Pravo.ru
June 5, 2024
Evgeny Letunovsky, a Senior Associate in the Dispute resolution at Orion Partners, has shared his expert opinion with Pravo.ru.

Evgeny spoke about the process for obtaining an individual license to have assets unfrozen. According to the lawyer, in order to seek an individual licence, the applicant must not be a sanctioned person him- or herself, and no sanctioned person may derive income or benefit from the granting of the requested licence. EU citizenship or residency will also increase the odds of a favourable decision, Letunovsky adds.

“It is important to note that the granting of licences is always up to the regulator in charge in the relevant jurisdiction. This means that, even when you abide by all the conditions, there is no guarantee of a successful outcome,” Evgeny elaborates.

See the full article for more detail.

Evgeny Letunovsky
Senior Associate
Dispute Resolution
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